Findings of Professor Cui Haiyang’s Research Has Achieved Significant Impact
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湖北快三今日推荐号Recently, Professor Cui Haiyang, Dean of the History and Ethnic Culture College of GZU and Executive Vice President of the ASEAN Research Institute, submitted a report on the implementation of telemedicine across the country. The report entitled “Drawing on Experience of Guizhou: Suggestions on Further Promoting Telemedicine in Impoverished Areas” was well received by the General Office of the Central Committee of the CPC. Professor Cui’s findings have proved valuable for research on accelerating poverty alleviation through telemedicine. This is no doubt a landmark achievement for GZU. Under the leadership of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, GZU has invariably paid heed to major strategies on poverty alleviation. In addition, GZU has been keen to motivate scholars to write academic papers based on empirical research in Guizhou as well.  

In 2018, Professor Cui Haiyang started to work on the “Research on the Implementation of Telemedicine in the Counties and Townships of Guizhou”, a key research project sponsored by the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee of China Democratic League. After conducting an eight-month investigation with his team on the promotion of telemedicine in counties and townships in Guizhou, he managed to establish the first national four-level telemedicine sample database. As a result of these research efforts, Professor Cui and his team have completed a comprehensive report that received great acclaim from top provincial leaders including Sun Zhigang, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee; Shen Yiqin, Governor of Guizhou; and Wang Shijie, Deputy Governor of Guizhou.  

Text: College of History and Ethnic Culture

Chief Editor: Yin Zixi

Senior Editor: Tang Juan

Translator: Li Xiaorng

Proofreading: Zoe Novak, Zhou Jie

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